Thursday, April 24, 2008

where's bentley?

wifey and i have a really cool dog named bentley. he's half pit/half rott and well trained. i know, i know...... you don't believe me and that's cool, because you don't have to. but this story is funny! two nights ago at about...... 1:20 am i hear 3 short barks from bentley. i thought to myself, who's outside my house because "B" only barks when he's told to or if someone is near that's not welcome. so i get up to look outside and who do i see? it's bentley!! he had been outside on the patio waiting contently to be let back in from his poop/pee break that begin at 11:15 pm. this may not be a big deal at your home, but we don't have a fence! which means our 90 pound pitt/rottie didn't leave the yard and stayed outside faithfully for over 3 hours. how could you forget this handsome dog you ask? wifey forgot to let him back in.... which is great for me, 'cause bentley and i haven't always been on the same page. but we tight now! thanks wifey!


Hope Clark said...

I'm so sorry Bentley!! (I think he's forgiven me now.)

kenneth said...

not so soon!