Friday, May 30, 2008

calm down

i was driving home yesterday from work. tryin' to get home as fast as possible to see the two ladies in my life! the last mile before entering our subdivision is a 35 mph zone. yesterday a car was doing about 15 mph and had several cars backed up. some decided to go around the car disregarding the double yellow lines and some honked their horns. i started to get frustrated too, but i stopped and calmed down. I DID WHAT? yeah.....i was shocked too! i thought to myself....there has to be a reason for the pokieness going on up there? it was an elderly couple that seemed to be lost.

yesterday some put their lives in danger by taking on the oncoming traffic and some got so mad that they cussed out the elderly couple. WOW! have we gotten to a place that a slow car can put us in a state of rage and have us make decisions that could cost us our life? at the end of the day it may have cost me another minute of my life to drive patiently behind the lost couple. so the next time you encounter a situation that makes your blood boil quickly. take a minute to calm down and reason the situation before you make your decision. it may cost you less than you think.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

prep time!

15 and 30 minute meals are a joke! let me tell you why and if you cook you will understand. PREP TIME! choppin' all your veggies and marinating your meats can sometimes take you 15 to 30 minutes alone. when we watch all the cooking shows on tv.... all the prep work is done. yeah....that's right, sittin' in those little containers and bowls on the counter is all the grunt work of cooking! if when i started cookin' and the prep work was sittin' in bowls. i would then be able to do 15 and 30 minute meals. don't get it twisted.... i really enjoy cooking and tryin' new things in the kitchen. but, it hit me last night when i was cooking. i thought i would whip something together real quick for wifey and me. by the time i got done with the prep......30 minutes had gone by and i hadn't put heat on anything! hmm...maybe i can get wifey to do all my prep work?

Monday, May 26, 2008

top deck

hmmm.... look at the sexy chocolate on the beach!! calm down, calm down! i'm kidding...maybe? this picture was taken on the 2nd day of the cruise on cococay, royal caribbean's island. wifey and i enjoyed our time on the boat and the bahama beaches. my favorite part of the cruise was chillin' on the top deck when we were at sea. what a view with the cool, strong breeze hittin' your face that feels like it's going to knock you down. YEAH BABY!! i gotta say though.....the cruise didn't live up to all the hype. almost everyone we told we were cruisin' said it would be the best vacation we'd ever done. don't get me wrong, it was a blessing to be able to step away for a few days to relax with my lady. some say the 7 day cruise is better, some say disney is better. who knows? so i guess next time we need to do a 7 day disney cruise. yeah right....with who's money? oh yeah.... the other thing i was trippin' out over was the size of the boat. THAT THING WAS HUGE! i would just stare at it sometimes in awe of its size. so....maybe someday i'll see you on the top deck?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

quick 5

tomorrow wifey and i are off for the cruise! we're celebrating our 5th year anniversary on the 17th. what a short ride 5 years has been for us. we've traveled the globe, moved across the country, given birth to a beautiful daughter, helped to plant a church, changed careers. wow! what will the next 5 be like? can't wait to find out what the Lord has in store.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


how can she find so much pleasure out of something that hurts soooo bad? looks cute, but it's not your nose/cheek/little part of the eye that's in a death grip!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

get a job

this is the pooch, bentley. weighin' in around 80 pounds, give a few. he's a good dog and listens well. i just wish he'd get a job!! he just chills way too much for what he brings to the table. that would be nothin'.....wifey says he brings us love and protection. WHAT? that's a bunch of crap!! when i come home from work, he acts if i'm interrupting his nap time or his tough schedule and then he has the nerve to get irritated. the question can i make some dough from the pooch? he's too old to model and wifey took his manhood away a long time ago. any suggestions? and i know i'm not the only one that feels that his dog is too lazy and needs a job. or am i?

Monday, May 12, 2008

how many eggs?

on saturday mornings wifey or i will usually make some type of breakfast, other than smoothies or oatmeal. this past weekend we were a little tight on groceries, since we haven't made the wally world trip in a minute. i had 3 eggs and some turkey bacon to work with. no problem, i've worked with less. my plan was to just split the three eggs between the two of us. hold up, wait a minute! when i cracked the first egg, it had 2 yokes in it. dang!! i have never seen this before. The Lord has always provided for me and my family, but sometimes the Lord gets funny with His methods. I'm grateful to serve a God with a sense of humor and who doesn't forget the small things.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

cruisin' in a week

it's been a couple of years since wifey and i got away from the hustle of everyday life. our 5th year anniversary is May 17th and will be in the bahamas by way of this little sail boat. we are set and ready to cruise!! this is our 1st cruise. so we went with royal caribbean, 'cause we heard a lot of good things about the line. have you cruised? what was your likes and dislikes? i'd love to hear....

where my surfers at?

let me tell you why i need a surfer. new smyrna beach in fl is typically where the fam and i go to just chill. it's south of daytona beach, fl. every year new smyrna ranks as one of the highest shark attacks beaches in the country. there have been 11 shark bites so far this year and 10 out of the 11 have happened in the same spot. hmm...still not sure why people keep going to that same spot. NOT WHERE WE GO!! my strategy is this..... as long as there's a surfer out farther than me, it's all good. as you can see yesterday....there were no surfers or anybody in the water for that matter. i did not swim yesterday, which is a first for me. i still had a good time with my fam, but i needed a surfer to comfort me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

beach day

i surprised wifey and my 3 month old by taking them to the beach today. i only put in work for half a day at the office. wifey 'bout flipped her mind when she found out that i took off for a day at the beach! i just needed to spend some time with my family. for the end of the day my family is the most important thing i have. my career, friends, houses, cars, toys, etc. will come and go, but a good family.......hard to come by. i love the family God has given me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the good toons

i don't know about you, but i miss the old school cartoons! remember back in the day when cartoons didn't talk..... and you had to use your imagination. still to day, if i have a few minutes on a saturday morning, i will search all 100+ channels trying to find a throw-back cartoon. tom and jerry is still one of my favs. what about you?

Monday, May 5, 2008

losin' my mind at wally world!!

i did the bi-weekly shopping at wally world this last saturday. i got myself pumped up, cause goin' to wally world aint no joke. ya know what i'm sayin'? so... i got my list together by walkin' all thru the house to see what we needed. stop do it too! finally, after all the pre-game hype, i get to wally world and "it's time to do work." i was doin' good for the first 15 minutes or so (going off of memory) and then i went to the list. do you know i couldn't read what I HAD WRITTEN! i sat there starring, thinkin' to myself.........what is THAT! am i trippin'?! after 'bout 2 good hard minutes and i mean..... hard minutes of lookin' at my list... i remembered what i was tryin' to write. i'm still a little worried that i couldn't read my gibberish and that i had to go off memory. WOW!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


this show is off the chain!! it's still one of my favorite shows on tv. i actually like all 3 csi's, but rarely watch them all even with tevo. csi: ny is probably my favorite. i just can't believe csi: las vagas has been on 8 seasons. i remember watching the first episode!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

da onesie

so i'm changin' my 3 month old last night, gettin' her ready for bed, right? i'm thinkin' no more than a few minutes since i was watchin' the cavs close out the wizards in game 5 (didn't happen, cavs lost by a point.) why does it take 15 minutes to change a diaper and put a onesie on 23 inches? thank the Lord for some tevo! i guess the trick is...... gettin' her setup during halftime and not during a commercial.