Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

late showers

so yesterday i was running a little late to get out the door for the workspot. what is it that makes us think we have time to take a shower..... when we need to be walking out the door in 1o minutes? but, we try it anyway!! i can pull it off if i'm throwin' on some jeans, sweats, and a tee. but, mon-fri..... i'm suited up. in my head, i know i can't shower and suit up in 10 minutes, but i still try it anyway. wifey is funny too, cause she knows when i'm supposed to be leaving. she'll hear or see me turn the shower on and just shake her head. "you don't have time for you know what time it is?" i know...i know, it'll be cool. sometimes i can get real close to makin' it and what happens........i have to go to the bathroom!!! as soon as that happens....i'm officially late.

Monday, April 28, 2008

stuck on the beach

it was some nice livin' yesterday here in central florida.....mid 80's. lovely!! so i took wifey and our 3 month old to new smyrna beach....'bout a 35 minute drive from the house. the water was a little cold for wifey and baby, but it was all good for me! my girls laid on the beach, while i got layed out by the waves. we stayed at the beach 'bout.....3 hours and some change. one of the great things about this beach is that you can park your car on the beach. which is cool, cause' everything you need is right there next to you in the car. it was our first time to park our car on the beach. let me start by sayin', my honda accord with the low profile tires doesn't like going uphill in the sand. maaan..... i got stuck! 'bout 3 guys came to my rescue and helped the bogged down honda. they told me 'bout another exit that was honda friendly, which is what i will use from now on. it's funny now.....yesterday it wasn't.

Friday, April 25, 2008

ghetto flat screen

this was flat screen before there was flat screen. this is sooo.....ghetto! again, if this is your bad.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

where's bentley?

wifey and i have a really cool dog named bentley. he's half pit/half rott and well trained. i know, i know...... you don't believe me and that's cool, because you don't have to. but this story is funny! two nights ago at about...... 1:20 am i hear 3 short barks from bentley. i thought to myself, who's outside my house because "B" only barks when he's told to or if someone is near that's not welcome. so i get up to look outside and who do i see? it's bentley!! he had been outside on the patio waiting contently to be let back in from his poop/pee break that begin at 11:15 pm. this may not be a big deal at your home, but we don't have a fence! which means our 90 pound pitt/rottie didn't leave the yard and stayed outside faithfully for over 3 hours. how could you forget this handsome dog you ask? wifey forgot to let him back in.... which is great for me, 'cause bentley and i haven't always been on the same page. but we tight now! thanks wifey!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

back to the job

i went back to work Monday from being off a whole week and of course i wasn't ready to go back. my reality set in when the alarm went off. in my mind i tried to figure out how i could just get one more day off and promised myself i would rest. that really doesn't work! so, then i convinced myself that when i got home from work, i would go straight to bed. that never happens either, but it seems to help me get moving for the moment. i've been back at work for a couple of days and getting back in the groove. my question to you: why is going back to work after vacation so hard? i feel it's one of the most unholy things to do....of course that's when the alarm is blaring that first morning of return!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fair warning

when i worked in an all sales office, we had a lot of down time. so, some of the guys liked to pull pranks on each other. all i asked is that they didn't pull one on me! my revenge wouldn't be so funny. they held off for a long time without pranking me, until one day..... they got me. they filled my leather chair with water, when i sat down to answer the phone my butt got soaked. needless to say....i gave everyone fair warning to leave me alone. so.....the brave one stepped up and confessed that he did the prank and for me to bring it on. SO I DID! did i mentioned i lived in Colorado Springs and he commuted to Denver everyday?......about an hour drive and it was winter? i waited a few days to let the anticipation die down. i went to taco bell and grabbed about 10 hot sauce packets. i poured the sauce along the top of his windshield wipers. so, when he'd turn on his wipers, the sauce would smear the windshield, blinding his vision. IT WORKED!! i received a VERY COLORFUL phone call about 30 minutes into his commute that he couldn't see out of his windshield and he was pulling off the highway to try to scrap the sauce off his windshield!! did i mention it was snowing? imagine..... the mixture of taco bell sauce, windshield wiper fluid, snow, and freezing temperatures, i would say that made up for the soaking of my leather chair.

Monday, April 21, 2008

driving fast?

this is a true sign that you're driving way to fast! if you got pulled over by a cop, there's not an excuse in the world that could get you out of a speeding ticket.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

gasin' with no apoligies

my 11 week old baby girl can do no wrong at this stage in her life. everything she does, everybody thinks it's so cute! let me prove it. last week she farted (in my lap) so loud in church, people heard it on the other side of the room. i think she planned the whole thing. her timing was too perfect, cause she did it right when the pastor paused to take a breath. and it wasn't a quick hitter, she went for a good strong 3 seconds. of course she smiled and giggled, knowing papa would take the initial hit of blame. everyone for a second thought it was me......but i was innocent on this occasion! if you or i did that anywhere near church (maybe some of you do) we wouldn't be so cute!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

word of the day is.......


cuz.....u trippin' right now, but omelette you slide.