Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fair warning

when i worked in an all sales office, we had a lot of down time. so, some of the guys liked to pull pranks on each other. all i asked is that they didn't pull one on me! my revenge wouldn't be so funny. they held off for a long time without pranking me, until one day..... they got me. they filled my leather chair with water, when i sat down to answer the phone my butt got soaked. needless to say....i gave everyone fair warning to leave me alone. so.....the brave one stepped up and confessed that he did the prank and for me to bring it on. SO I DID! did i mentioned i lived in Colorado Springs and he commuted to Denver everyday?......about an hour drive and it was winter? i waited a few days to let the anticipation die down. i went to taco bell and grabbed about 10 hot sauce packets. i poured the sauce along the top of his windshield wipers. so, when he'd turn on his wipers, the sauce would smear the windshield, blinding his vision. IT WORKED!! i received a VERY COLORFUL phone call about 30 minutes into his commute that he couldn't see out of his windshield and he was pulling off the highway to try to scrap the sauce off his windshield!! did i mention it was snowing? imagine..... the mixture of taco bell sauce, windshield wiper fluid, snow, and freezing temperatures, i would say that made up for the soaking of my leather chair.

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Joey said...

remind me NOT to mess with you! ;0)