Monday, April 28, 2008

stuck on the beach

it was some nice livin' yesterday here in central florida.....mid 80's. lovely!! so i took wifey and our 3 month old to new smyrna beach....'bout a 35 minute drive from the house. the water was a little cold for wifey and baby, but it was all good for me! my girls laid on the beach, while i got layed out by the waves. we stayed at the beach 'bout.....3 hours and some change. one of the great things about this beach is that you can park your car on the beach. which is cool, cause' everything you need is right there next to you in the car. it was our first time to park our car on the beach. let me start by sayin', my honda accord with the low profile tires doesn't like going uphill in the sand. maaan..... i got stuck! 'bout 3 guys came to my rescue and helped the bogged down honda. they told me 'bout another exit that was honda friendly, which is what i will use from now on. it's funny now.....yesterday it wasn't.

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