Monday, May 12, 2008

how many eggs?

on saturday mornings wifey or i will usually make some type of breakfast, other than smoothies or oatmeal. this past weekend we were a little tight on groceries, since we haven't made the wally world trip in a minute. i had 3 eggs and some turkey bacon to work with. no problem, i've worked with less. my plan was to just split the three eggs between the two of us. hold up, wait a minute! when i cracked the first egg, it had 2 yokes in it. dang!! i have never seen this before. The Lord has always provided for me and my family, but sometimes the Lord gets funny with His methods. I'm grateful to serve a God with a sense of humor and who doesn't forget the small things.


Thea said...

Double eggs creep me out because it would have been twins...weird huh? The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away - I guess the mama hen got taken away from for your breakfast huh? hope I didn't ruin it for you...something tells me I didn't.

Joseph said...

I guess you both got "two" eggs each huh!?!