Monday, March 17, 2008


my six week old daughter had her first poopexplosion last week. to all parents new or old, you know what i'm talking about! that poop you smell before it hits the diaper, that fart you hear over the tv or radio and you say to yourself......"what was that"? yeah, you know what it is, you look to your spouse or anybody for that matter to see who you can sucker into changing that bomb that just dropped. it's amazing how quick you get your six week old back, when seconds ago she was the cutest thing since beanie babies. so you're left alone to do the could get mad, but why, she didn't do it to you on purpose...... or did she?


Joseph said...

Hmmmm! Now we ponder that age old conundrum: Did she or didn't she???

Joey said...

And the second question... What color is THAT??