Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i did it again

back in the day i drank alot coke, soda, pop, whatever you want to call depending on where you reside. i never kept them in frig, cause they took up so much room. i'm not an ice man either.... so what do i do.......when i get in from doing my thang, i will put a coke in the freezer and in no time it's nice and cold! my problem has always been, I FORGET that i put that coke in the freezer. so hours later i'm sitting, watchin' the game, forgotten all about the coke that's about to blow up my freezer and BOOM!!! .....what was that? then it hits me.... it's my can!! sometimes i dont even hear the blow will hit me in mid sleep, you know how you just wake up in the middle of the from a crazy dream. crap.....the can! not much you can at that point, the damage is done, your freezer looks like a coke can blew up inside! so you clean it in the morning. needless to say it's been almost a year since i've blown up my freezer......well until two days ago. we had a party at our crib on saturday, there were a few cokes left. so when i came home on monday from work, i thought.....i want a coke, it's been a while. you already know what i did! yeah....i put it in the freezer and didn't realize it til' the next morning while making coffee. WOW!! i tried to convince my wife to help a brotha out.... you already know how that went down! all she said is.....PUH-LEEEASE!!!


Hope Clark said...

You said it... Puh-leease!!!*picture me shaking my head right now.* But you know I love you, Baby!! ;)

Joey said...

Love the blog! You're gonna have a blast doing this... See ya soon.